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Your clear skin is more than just my job, it is my calling.

The natural forested landscape of Vermont houses one of the finest estheticians in the country. Ms. Freihofner enjoys a healthy active outdoor lifestyle while continuing to take pride in providing beneficial and results-oriented skin care. 

Ms. Freihofner’s experience and expertise are unparalleled in the industry. She is a featured Influencer in Skin Inc. magazine, an acne educational writer in Multi Briefs and a co-presenter on acne issues at the Association of Psychoneurocutaneous Medicine of North America.  With twenty years of experience combined with her Summa Cum Laude education and her pre-med studies, you can feel confident that you will achieve results in her hands.

Her Brattleboro, Vermont single room office offers skin rejuvenation and acne care services. All facial products are organic and Ayurvedic and all services are exclusive with Ms. Freihofner.

Services at ASCS Vermont

Acne Stop Treatment $85

The Salons specialty due to the owners own battles with teen acne and adult cystic acne. This facial utilizes the most modern scientifically advanced ingredient knowledge and acne information. Excellent for chronic acne or occasional breakout. A deep cleansing facial including bacteria elimination and soothing ingredients. Proper at home skin care coupled with this facial has brought about dramatic improvement for many.

Ageless Treatment $85

Every person over 30 can benefit from this skin-resurfacing facial. Dead skin cell build up will be gently and effectively removed using active enzymes. Fine line reduction and fading of sun spots are achieved with a light natural chemical peel. Great for sun spots, dry skin, fine lines and dehydrated skin.

Deep Cleansing Treatment $85

Many skin types benefit from periodic deep cleansing due to city air pollution and clogged pores. Includes papaya enzyme mask and other gentle dissolving ingredients to provide effective removal of clogged pores and blackheads. Skin is left smooth, hydrated and clean.

Pregnancy Facial Treatment $85

Many women experience acne break outs with pregnancy due to hormone fluctuations. Enjoy this therapeutic facial that will help control breakouts with all natural pregnancy safe ingredients. Also, learn what anti-acne ingredients should not be used while pregnant and which are safe to use. Relax and enjoy with safe healthy products that will improve your skin.

Backacial $85

Great for back acne and hyperpigmentation. This treatment will refresh the back in preparation for those outfits that expose the back. This treatment uses strong enzymes and a 30% Glycolic acid peel. Exfoliate, extract, refresh and hydrate for a blemish free appearance.

Add Ons

Lactic Acid Peel $15
10% Glycolic Acid $18
30% Glycolic Acid $22
Spot Treat Microdermabrasion $25
Declate (neck and chest) $25


Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion is an effective power peel that provides a deep resurfacing of the skin. The procedure is performed in doctors’ offices as well as estheticians’ and does not require any down time. Considered a rejuvenation procedure, this facial treatment helps to even out rough skin, reduce dark spots, reduce fine lines and possibly stimulate collagen production. It also works well for various forms of hyper-pigmentation; sunspots, dark colored scars and age spots.

Microdermabrasion without extractions $90

Microdermabrasion with extractions $110

Microdermabrasion with Vitamin C Peel $110

Microdermabrasion with Glycolic Acid Peel $120

The Works-Microdermabrasion w extractions w Vitamin C Peel $130

The Works Plus-Microdermabrasion w extractions w Glycolic Acid Peel $145


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