“I heard about Advanced Skin Care Solutions from a friend and decided to try it out after spending about 6 years and countless dollars trying to rid myself of my adult acne. I had "normal" acne as a teen but it really started to get worse after college. My acne was chronic and painful, and caused me to shy away from pictures, dates, and social situations. I tried many options, including dermatologist visits, mail-order products, drugstore products, and natural remedies, but nothing worked. Mary was extremely helpful at figuring out what type of acne I had an what treatments and products would work for my skin. She gave helpful tips of ways I could help control my acne between visits. I saw improvements after every visit, and shortly after beginning at Advanced Skin Care Solutions I was able to see my face acne-free for the first time. Thanks to Mary and Advanced Skin Care Solutions, I can feel confident leaving my house without make-up, and confident that I have someone to turn to for this problem that was present in my life for so long. Thank you Advanced Skin Care Solutions!"
~Lucy B

“Mary offered friendly, relaxing care and I was energized by my time in her space. Thanks!”
~Kathleen S.

“I have been a happy client of Advanced Skin Care Solutions for years. Mary keeps my skin looking great, tailoring each facial to my needs at the time. She has also helped improve my overall skincare routine (wearing sunscreen everyday, etc.). When I send friends to Mary they can't believe the overall level of service given the price - I highly recommend!”
~Lisa P.

“I have had problems with my skin for years, but ever since I started receiving facials with Mary, my skin has improved. I rarely have breakouts and have facials for acne problems on a regular basis. It has done wonders for my 'mature' skin.” Thank you, Mary!"
~Barbara S.

“I've been getting treatments from Advanced Skin Care Solutions for years. I love Michelle - she is always light-hearted and gentle and makes me feel 100% comfortable. I also really appreciate the solid skin care advice for products.”
~Abby B.

“I cannot sing the praises of Advanced Skin Care Solutions and its wonderfully warm and extremely knowledgeable owner Mary Freihofner loudly enough...but I often try to anyone who'll listen! Since my first acne facial last year with Mary, my skin has looked the clearest and best it has ever looked in my adult life! Having tried just about everything, I had almost given up hope when I discovered Mary and Advanced Skin Care Solutions. Mary really listens to your concerns and tailors her approach to ensure your skin receives the very best treatment it deserves. While I like all the products used and recommended, I've never, never felt pushed or oversold on anything which is so refreshing in the beauty and skincare world. Advanced Skin Care Solutions really lives up to its name because the fees charged are very reasonable for the superior level of service received. I love Advanced Skin Care Solutions!”
~Lystra H.

“The best massage ever from Olive! I have known Mary for a few years now! Mary is one off the nicest warmest people you ever want to meet! With Mary and her staff they care about you it's not all business all her girls are great! Give them a try you won't be disappointed!!!”
~Howard C.

“I’m writing to thank you for yet another amazingly rejuvenating acne-stop facial! It’s been almost a year since I started seeing you and my skin has noticeably changed. And you know I’ve tried everything: from retin-A to accutane to tazarac. After years of drying out my skin with topical solutions, I am finally free of them. I no longer need harsh medicine -- I can’t believe it. Your customized organic peels, decadent masks, and all-around skin care advice gave me healthy skin. I’m so glad I found you!”
~Christa D.

“I have been a client at Advanced Skin Care Solutions for several years. Mary’s professionalism, knowledge about skincare are remarkable and she spends the time with you and only provides needed services . I am 53 years old female with sun damaged skin and large pores and she has done wonders for my skin. I have progressed from regular anti-aging facials, Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid Peels, Microdermabrasion to the more aggressive Jessner Peel and I love them all. Mary also does an excellent eye treatment! I would not miss regular facials at Advanced Skin Care Solutions and the cost is much less compared to other salons. I have referred people to Advanced Skin Care Solutions and they are equally pleased with their facials. The salon on Frankford Avenue is beautiful, very comfortable and relaxing eye peel.”
~Pauline G.