Mary Freihofner is a Master Esthetician as well as Summa Cum Laude and Milton Moses Award undergraduate of Temple University majoring in Anthropology. She has taken continuing college education classes in Anatomy and Physiology I and II and Microbiology. All of her studies have enhanced her skin care practices and deepened her understanding of skin care. Mary Freihofner studied at American Academy of Beauty and achieved Hylunia Medical Esthetics Certification. She is proud to share over 15 years of experience and knowledge of skin care and acne care providing services to local TV celebrities, judges and lay people alike.

You had acne as a teen and adult cystic acne. How has it affected you?

I had a bit of acne as a teen but in my early twenties started to have pronounced cystic acne. For me the acne was a constant and serious hindrance to my self-esteem. I started getting facials in my late twenties and saw that this was the only thing that helped my acne. By age 30 I had a clear vision that I wanted to help people with acne as I had been helped. My life’s passion is understanding and helping people get proper acne treatment. Every day is a pleasure to wake up and go to a job where I get to help people and watch them improve and blossom in front of my eyes. My goal is to help people have the healthiest appearance they can so they can feel comfortable in their skin and more comfortable and free in the world.

Why exactly did you open a skin care salon and spa?

I was fortunate enough in my early 30’s to realize my life’s passion: to help people control their acne. I also really enjoy helping to address other skin issues that an esthetician is able to help with including hyperpigmentation and scarring. I’ve now got good people working around me to promote the more comprehensive spa experience with waxing and classic relaxing facials.

What did you do before this and did it help you with your skin care career?

I did lots of things including managing a temporary employment agency and being a case manager in the Welfare to Work arena. I think those jobs helped open up my personal work ethic, coming from a place of trying to help a person.

“My acne was chronic and painful, and caused me to shy away from pictures, dates, and social situations. I tried many options, including dermatologist visits, mail-order products, drugstore products, and natural remedies, but nothing worked. Mary was extremely helpful at figuring out what type of acne I had and what treatments and products would work for my skin. I saw improvements after every visit, and shortly after beginning at Advanced Skin Care Solutions I was able to see my face acne-free for the first time. Thank you Advanced Skin Care Solutions!" Lucy B.