To Peel or Not to Peel, That is the Question!

Ancient Egyptians and Romans used animal oils, salt, alabaster, and sour milk to exfoliate and improve the appearance of skin. Cleopatra was reputed to take milk baths enjoying the cosmetic benefits of lactic acid, the first alpha-hydroxy acid for softer, smoother skin. For most people, an occasional exfoliation is therapeutic and aesthetically beneficial. Especially towards the end of winter we often crave an exfoliation as dry layers of skin build up on the stratum corneum (top layer of dead skin cells). Skin begins to feel dry and look dull and due to the surface buildup, moisturizing products are even often unable to penetrate. 
Our facials are very beneficial in properly removing dry skin build up and gently exfoliating the skin. This process also allows moisturizing and hydrating products to enter the skin and nourish it. In all of our facials with the exception of the Basic Healthy Facial you will receive a pure Vitamin C (or l-ascorbic acid) peel. This is a superficial peel that will remove dull skin build up as well as stimulate collagen and elastin production. It is also (I would contend) the strongest topical anti-oxidant for your skin which is healing as well as a neutralizer of free radicals.
Our Exfoliators and Peels
(Note that you can over exfoliate your skin and not only is that detrimental to the health of your skin but it can allow in more UV rays which means more sun spots and wrinkles! You must also be prepared to use a good sun screen daily.)
April is National Rosacea Month. Our Vitmain C peel is often healing and
restoring for rosacea skin though all other peels are not recommend.
See The National Rosacea Society web site for more information
including the most common rosacea triggers.
Add to your Facial;
10% Glycolic Acid Peel from Peter Thomas Roth. This would be recommended if your skin is a bit rough or if you have acne issues. $8
30% Glycolic Acid Peel from Peter Thomas Roth. For sun spots and fine lines this is a slightly deeper peel to change the skin cell structure beneath the epidermis. $15
12.5% Salicylic Acid Peel from Circadia.Your skin with flake with this peel to reveal smaller pores, tighter skin and healthy skin. $25
Stand Alone Stronger Peels;
25% Salicylic Acid Peel from Circadia. You will flake and peel with this product. Best for fine lines, sun spots and rough skin. $85
Mandeli Clear Peel from Circadia. A strong peel that is safe for ethnic skin of color. You will flake and peel with this product. Good for dark spots and uneven skin tone. $85
Jessners Peel from Circadia. Your will flake and peel with this product. This penetrates deeper into the dermis. Good for sun damage, scarring and fine lines. $95

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