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The problem: Dark under eye circles, fine lines around the eye and high price tags.

The solution: Vivant Wink Eye Cream $49 or Lilith’s Apothecary Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream $18

Dark circles can be the result of a darkening of melanin as a reaction to the sun.  By applying an SPF 30 around the eyes every morning, you may help diminish the impact of ultraviolet rays and sometimes see the darkness fade. If the brand you are using stings your eyes, I recommend my all natural organic Hulunia Facial Day Moisterizer with zinc oxide or Burt’s Bees chemical-free brand, using all-natural titanium dioxide/zinc oxide.

Dark circles can also be the result of blood cells seeping out of the very small capillaries that terminate at the eyes.  Because the skin around the eyes is so thin, the collected blood can look dark, almost like a bruise in extreme cases. Donor:acceptor oxidoreductase found in peptides and retinol products like Dr. Fulton’s MD PhD Wink Eye Cream, do help to move these cells out.                             

In some cases, dark circles are completely due to good old genetics. Those same properties in peptides and retinols may still help though the positive results tend to be less dramatic.

Fine lines around the eye can be helped in a few ways. One is to lightly exfoliate the area to remove dead skin cells which pile up and make the lines look deeper. My Vitamin Eye Treatment, $7 complementary to a facial, is great for that as well as moving out stagnant blood cells (see above). Also just the act of putting any rich moisturizer around the eye will temporarily plump up the skin and fine lines.

Here is an article on how to eat healthy for your eyes from Healthy article and many studies show that UV rays cause damage to eyes and recommends wearing sunglasses! Don’t forget!

Fine lines are helped by retinols and peptides.  Both of these ingredients stimulate skin cell production and literally thicken the dermis pushing out fine lines and firming the skin. Wink Eye Cream above is a great product for these ingredient effects. 

Anti-oxidants like green tea, blueberry seed, sea buckthorn, and vitamin C found in Lilith’s Apothecary’s Eye Cream are wonderful for any aging symptoms. They neutralize wild free radicals and nourish the skin down to subcutaneous levels. We have samples here for you to try here at my shoppe for just $10.

The service $7: Gentle Vitamin Eye Repairing Treatment

I came up with this four years ago and it has been a really big hit ever since. The treatment serves a few different beneficial purposes. Because the skin around our eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive skin anywhere on our bodies, we instinctively don’t exfoliate it. But we do truly benefit greatly from a proper exfoliation. After cleansing the skin, I use a silk bristle brush in a lymphatic drainage massage motion to brush the skin around the eyes from bottom lid to top lid and from the inside of the eye to the outside.  This removes dead skin cell build up and dullness all around the eye. The motion of the brush also moves out stagnant red blood cells with lymph fluids as well as other metabolic wastes in the tissue that can contribute to puffy eyes. Finally comes micronized super moisturizing and hydrating eye cream to repair and rejuvenate the skin.

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