Amazing Tea Tree Oil



Tea Tree leaves are a bit of a miracle worker

During world war II tea tree oil was considered such a necessity for Naval and Army first aid kits that the producers of it were exempt from service until sufficient reserves of it were stored. It is a very strong antiseptic barbicide and fungicide. It was rediscovered and studied in the 1960’s and is proven to help with many ailments.

canker sores-dab undiluted oil on canker with a q-tip twice daily. Also, use 10 drops in two ounces of water for a once-daily mouthwash to swish around entire mouth.

congestion/coughs-apply hot washcloth with 5 drops of oil in it to chest and back.

acne-make a mist of eight ounces of distilled water, 20 drops tea tree oil, 10 drops eucalyptus oil. Spritz affected area one time a day. (This is the one we use in our facials!)

hives-rub undiluted oil into the affected area.

insect bites-mix 5 drops undiluted oil w one once of a cold pressed oil such as apricot kernel or avocado oil.

sun burn-mix 5 drops tea tree oil to one once olive oil and apply twice daily. (Not for the face if acne prone.)

athletes foot-wash feet and dry, apply undiluted oil to feet nightly and between toes. Wash socks in a water and tea tree solution.

dandruff-use shampoo and lather hair, then apply tea tree oil to scalp with shampoo already lathered, then massage into scalp. Leave on scalp for two minutes.

oily scalp-apply tea tree oil directly into shampoo or into palm apply 5 drops to each shampooing. Use a light hair moisturizer such as Neutrogena Clean Replenishing Hair Moisturizer.

arthritis-mix 3 drops tea tree oil into any body lotion. Warm lotion by dispensing into a coffee cup and sitting coffee cup in very hot water. Apply warmed lotion.

pet skin issues-dilute with water or olive oil and apply to affected skin area of pet.

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There are hundreds more remedies~

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