Note that we are often fully booked 6-8 weeks in advance. Please do not call the office to book appointments - our full availability is online. Thanks!

”In just 2 months Mary and her lovely team at Advanced skincare salon did what no dermatologist could do for me in 15 years. My acne started to clear up after just one acne stop facial and after regularly going for 8 months people never would have guessed I struggled with acne most of my life. Advanced Skincare Salon literally changed my life and I am forever grateful. “Arielle C



All Estheticians at Advanced Skin Care Solutions are trained by owner and founder Mary Freihofner. All of the Estheticians are using the same products from the Hylunia line. Your Esthetician will first cleanse and then analyze your skin with a magnifying lamp. From there you will experience three different masks including steam to help loosen clogged pores. Extractions typically will be performed which can cause your skin to be red temporarily.

> This service is approximately 45 minutes and the cost is $75.

Products are often recommended that are non-clogging and customized to your type of acne and your type of skin. Some of the products come in a $7 sample size so that you are able to try the product to test for efficacy and non-irritation with your skin.

> Products typically range from $14 to $38 and typically 2-4 products are recommended.

Often your second appointment will be an Express Acne Stop Treatment. This appointment is booked two weeks after your first facial. This special price is only available for our acne clients. Most acne clients will schedule 1 or 2 Express Acne Stop Treatment appointments to help purge the skin of clogged pores and pustules.

> This service is approximately 45 minutes and the cost is $65.

Typically our acne clients will continue with a maintenance plan scheduling Acne Stop Treatments every 4-6 weeks. On the maintenance plan you receive a 13% discount when scheduling the facials within 6 weeks of your prior facial appointment; the Acne Stop Treatment becomes $75.

> Often clients see improvement after their first Acne StopTreatment.

Often at 3 months the improvement is substantial with a reduction in acne lesions by about 50%-70%. Often at 6 months the acne is reduced 90-98%.

The Acne Consult with Mary is a skin consultation with the owner and founder Mary Freihofner. Your skin will be analyzed with a magnifying lamp and she will discuss your acne with you. She will then give you her recommendations and some tips. She will also write notes for your Esthetician about your skin. Some acne clients like to take advantage of this service when they will not be seeing Ms. Freihofner for their facials but they would appreciate a discussion with the owner about their acne.

> This service is 10-15 minutes and the cost is $22.

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