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Your clear skin is more than just my job, it is my calling.

The Acne Stop Solution was developed by Mary Freihofner due to her struggles with adult cystic acne. Since then she has performed over 20k Acne Stop Facials and overseen over 50k at her salons. Her experience and expertise are unparalleled in the industry. Twenty years experience combined with her Summa Cum Laude education and her pre-med studies, you can feel confident that you will achieve results in her hands.

Featured influencer in Skin Inc magazine,  acne writer in Multi Briefs and co-presenter on acne issues at the Association of Psychoneurocutaneous Medicine of North America,  her New York City single room office offers acne services only and all services are exclusive with Ms. Freihofner.

Services at ASCS New York City

Consultation $115
20 minute service
With Ms. Freihofner
Facial Cleanse
Skin Analysis
Personalized Acne Stop Kit (value $89)

Acne Stop Facial Solution First Appointment $285
Your first appointment will be 75 minutes with Ms. Freihofner:
Skin Analysis
Detailed History
Product and Prescription History
The Acne Stop Treatment (see below)
Personalized Acne Stop Kit (value $89)
Exclusive Concierge 30 Days Close Up
Contact w Ms. Freihofner enabled

The Acne Stop Treatment $215
A 45 minute service with Ms. Freihofner:
This very therapeutic and specific treatment triples acne clearing time.
The treatment uses all organic products and includes three treatment masks.
Proteolytic active enzyme mask, to help loosen impactions.
Included in the treatment is up to 20 minutes of extractions of pustules, blackheads and clogged pores.
An L-ascorbic acid 18% vitamin C peel helps cleanse impurities, lessen red and dark spots and reduce post facial breakouts.
Calming and hydrating finishing mask will nourish and cool inflammation.
Sun protection is non-clogging mineral SPF powder.
Most people experience redness after the facial.
We do not recommend scheduling a facial up to three days
before an important event.

What To Expect
Most clients will follow up the first appointment with the Acne Stop Treatment every 4-6 weeks – $215.

For severely clogged skin and a desire to clear quickly, during the first three months 2 week appointments are allowed – $185.

After three 3-6 months most clients will maintain clear skin with an Acne Stop Treatment every 6 weeks – $215.

Add Ons

20% Glycolic Acid Peel $35
Helps with brown spots and oily skin
30% Glycolic Acid Peel $45
Helps with brown spots and oily skin
Spot Treat Microdermabrasion $45
For 1-3 dark spots
Microdermabrasion Whole Face $95
For dark spots and moderate to severe retention hyperkeratosis


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